Welcome to IAEN

The Historical Archive of Greek Youth is a research and publication project of the General Secretariat for Youth that operated directly under the auspices of the Secretariat from 1983 to 1989 and, from 1994, as a guest project of the Institute of Neohellenic Research funded by the Secretariat.
The aim of the project is to establish the historical scope of the concepts of youth and childhood, through examination of the mechanisms which determine their relationship to demographic, cultural, social and psychological systems through time, with a double objective: the possibility of their extrapolation to historical categories and the definition of Greek youth identity today.
The project does not constitute a complete outline of topics related to youth history, but attempts to combine available research results with historiographic requirements. IAEN has chosen to assign research work to both recognized scholars and young researchers, who are thus given the opportunity to test their abilities within established educational and research institutions, or independently.

The organization of three international Symposia (1984, 1987, 1997) with immediate publication of their proceedings (the first in Greek and French) gave the project collaborators the opportunity to discuss the problems of their research with their own colleagues as well as those studying parallel subjects independently or within other projects or institutions. Furthermore they were able to discuss these problems with colleagues from abroad participating in the Symposia, who, in their countries, were dealing with similar subjects and encountering similar problems, but who could also contribute diverse paradigms as well as different theoretical methods for approaching historical phenomena. On a smaller scale, albeit more specialized, are the public meetings of the IAEN seminar for each area of research, with the presence of specialized speakers, as well as the meetings of the researchers with the members of the Committee for the promotion of research or improvement of books in preparation for publication*.

Since it was instituted, in 1983, the IAEN has been funded by the General Secretariat for Youth in the years 1983; 1984; 1985; 1986; 1988; 1989; 1994; 1995; 1997; 1998; 2002; 2006; 2009 for research and publications, and in 2004 for publications only (see IAEN Statistical Data).